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Whatever your age, goals, or budget, Salt Lake NutriCoaching has a nutrition package for you!  

Diet Analysis & Other Services

At Salt Lake NutriCoaching, we can analyze your current diet for potential issues, help you plan healthier meals, and even show you how to save time and money while shopping for groceries!  

Weight Optimization Packages

Whether you need to gain or lose weight, Ginger can teach you how to develop healthy eating habits that will naturally help you to maintain a healthy weight with no fad diets or gimmicks.  

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Ginger is now a preferred provider with several insurance companies. Check to see if yours is on our list.

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Why Salt Lake NutriCoaching?

How we fuel our bodies directly affects how our bodies feel. Reaching your ideal weight, getting the proper nutrients, and maintaining healthy eating habits can have a profound impact on everything from your energy level to your lifespan.

But what is your ideal weight? How can you get the nutrients your body needs while still enjoying what you eat? And why is it so hard to break bad habits and start good ones? These are the types of questions people ask themselves every day. Because, let's face it: better nutrition isn't necessarily easy. There are so many choices, so many distractions, and so much misinformation out there. Then too, everyone's personal situation is different. We all enjoy eating different foods, we all contend with different health challenges, and we all have different needs. What's right for one person may not be right for you.

Salt Lake NutriCoaching can help. Founded by Ginger Bailey, a registered dietitian with almost a decade of both clinical and consultative experience, Salt Lake NutriCoaching can help you:

• Reach your health goals quickly and consistently through better nutrition
• Identify and overcome your specific nutritional needs and challenges so you can enjoy life instead of worrying about it
• Manage or alleviate health issues you're currently experiencing, like chronic pain or diabetes
• Develop a personalized diet plan based on the nutrients you need and the foods you like to eat
• Work towards your ideal weight
• Get all your nutrition and diet-related questions answered!

So ask yourself..."Do I want to experience a higher quality of life?"

If you answered YES, then contact Ginger Bailey at Salt Lake NutriCoaching today to get started!

Salt Lake NutriCoaching - Better nutrition for a better life!

A better life starts with better nutrition!

Schedule a consultation with Ginger to get started!

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Nutrition Packages

Our Nutrition Packages

From weight optimization to increasing your energy to diabetes management, Salt Lake NutriCoaching has a special nutrition package for you!  

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What clients are saying about Ginger

"Ginger is an expert, with a wealth of knowledge. She helps everyday people feel better and healthier through nutrition, sustainable weight loss, physical activity, and the reversal of chronic diseases (i.e. type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol). She helped me personally to identify the cause of my low energy levels. Definitely worth a look!"

M. Chipman Salt Lake City, Utah

"Ginger is a talented dietitian with many years of experience. I would recommend her [coaching services] to anybody."

B. Warner Perry, Utah

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